Beauty Roundup: Combination Skin Solutions

May 1, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Combination Skin Care Regimen - Featured

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” as if the gloomy weather until recently is some type of harbinger to spring blooms and endless sunshine. It’s a pretty idea. For me (or at least for my skin), it just spells disaster. The constantly fluctuating temperature throws my combination skin into a confused tailspin (80 degrees one day and 45 degrees the next, thank you global warming). And as much I don’t like to admit it, my complexion has been utter chaos, so much so that I’ve raided my entire beauty stash in desperate hopes of trying anything and everything to soothe the onset of all your basic skin ailments. Thankfully after three weeks of experimenting, I’ve found the magic formula. Continue Reading

Brown Eyed Toast - Japan Photo Diary Hakone Tokyo - Featured Image

Japan Photo Diary Part II: Hakone & Tokyo

If you caught last week’s post of my Japan Photo Diary Part I featuring our travels through Osaka and Kyoto, you might have seen how much we were able to see and do in just over a week- no easy feat given the freezing…

April 15, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Japan Photo Diary Osaka and Kyoto - 1

Japan Photo Diary Part I: Osaka & Kyoto

I apologize for the delay in this post everyone! Poor health and a far-too-old laptop (I’m waiting to pull the trigger on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as soon as it debuts) make for an awful combination, but I’m so excited to share my…

April 9, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Clinical Tests and Onomie - Cover Photo

Clinical Trials in the Beauty Industry: Why Onomie Does It Right

As a blogger with a heavy focus on beauty, I encounter countless pitches from brands claiming clinical performance as proof of efficacy – “98% improvements!”, “100% approval by testers!” and similar claims often bombard us. But actually explaining the science of clinical trials is…

March 10, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - The Garment District - Featured Image

The Heart of NYC’s Fashion Industry | The Garment District

I’ve long lived just a mere stone’s throw from one of the most understated yet vital parts of the NYC Fashion Industry: the Garment District. To many, it looks like just a stretch of claustrophobic Midtown buildings, dotted by dress shops and fabric stores.…

February 16, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - In-Flight Essentials - 1

Love List | In-Flight Necessities

Greetings from Kyoto everyone! For those who follow on IG, you may already know we’re in Japan and currently on the second leg of our trip. It’s been incredibly hectic since we arrived, having to adjust quickly to jetlag and bearing the unexpected cold…

January 27, 2017
yed Toast - Winter Wonderland in Snowy Utah - 1

Snowy Winter Wonderland | Utah Photo Diary

I’ve always considered myself a NYC girl at heart because A) I love the bright lights and the constant buzz of energy, and B) I never learned how to drive so I simply would not survive in the suburbs. When I started joining Matt and…

January 12, 2017