Getaway to the Big Easy | New Orleans Travel Guide

August 17, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - New Orleans Travel Guide - 16

These past two months have been such a whirlwind with many exciting new projects in the pipeline and my adorable sister-in-law staying with us for the past month. Add some major computer problems to that mix, hence the awful delay in my getting to this post. (Thinking about getting a desperately needed new computer, any recommendations? O.K. I digress, back to the post!) But my personality tends to err on the “glass half-full” outlook anyway, so here we are, my New Orleans Travel Guide is now finally up!

To provide some background, the hubby and I wanted to explore some new domestic destinations as we’ve had a string of wonderful getaways outside the country earlier this year. We’ve always loved the Southern charm of cities such as Charleston, SC and New Orleans, LA  so for our July 4th weekend getaway, we decided to visit the Big Easy and soak in a jazz-filled carefree weekend. Although the heat was unbearable (I am not one of those human beings that can handle the summer well), the Southern hospitality and beauty of this charming city more than made up for it.

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The New Frontier in Beauty | High Tech Skin Care

August 9, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - High Tech Skincare - 1

Most of the beauty industry is focused primarily on topical products that are absorbed into our skin and their efficacy often limited or not easily visible to our eyes. I fall prey to this as well – my vanity alone is stocked with three entire rows of skin care tubes and jars and even more stashed away in the drawers. The true life of a beauty junkie. It doesn’t mean those products won’t work – they absolutely do such as my favorites the Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Eye Cream or the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, but usually slowly and only if used over a prolonged period of time. Now what if I told you there are items that can expedite and enhance all of these products?

This is the new frontier in the beauty industry: high tech skin care devices. For a market inundated with new product launches and exotic formulations promising yet another miracle, these tools that can enhance your natural beauty and increase effectiveness of any product six-fold versus using ten different creams are a godsend. By using micro-current, nano-current, and ultrasound technology, these devices can now unlock the true potential of our beloved skin care products and combat issues such as acne and aging by working in conjunction with our own body chemistry and electricity. We’ve already embraced the future when it comes to technology in our work lives or for entertainment – now it’s time to embrace it in our beauty routines.

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ReFa Carat Face Roller

July 27, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - Refa -1

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.” – Coco Chanel

As of late, I have been obsessed with turning back the clock and pre-empting the aging process before it gets too late. Once those wrinkles set in ladies, they’re there for good. Not only should we be concerned about wrinkles but as we grow older, we also suffer collagen breakdown and lack of elasticity. Not depressing at all, right?

Good thing the ReFa Carat exists. It blows my mind that this product hasn’t swept through the US market yet as this has been the star anti-aging device in Asia. In Korea alone, a slew of celebrities have endorsed the product, and there are masses of loyal ReFa followers. If a product has hit it big in Korea, you know it’s a winner. Nature may have given me my face at twenty, but the ReFa carat will help me shape my face well into my thirties and help ensure I have great skin even in my fifties.

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Spain 2016 | Madrid & Barcelona Travel Guide

June 23, 2016
Spain 2016 Madrid Barcelona Travel Guide - 91

I’m back with a brand new Madrid and Barcelona travel guide for you all! The hubby and I had been brainstorming what destination we should travel to next, and we realized neither of us had been to Spain yet! So last month, we took the time to plan a fun trip to Madrid and Barcelona for five days. The trip was a whirlwind, because (a) jetlag and general exhaustion definitely got the better of us most nights, and (b) there is so much to do in each city! From walking along the Gran Vía and wandering the stunning Prado museum in Madrid to exploring the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, and so much more, we were captivated by the beauty of the two cities and already can’t wait to return.

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Bardot Denim Dress and Choker

May 26, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - Bardot Denim Dress - 1

Hey guys! It feels like forever since I’ve done an outfit post, hasn’t it? 🙂 Apologies, but I promise, there’s been a good reason for that! These past few weeks have been such an exhausting but incredibly fruitful time. I’ve been wandering outside my comfort zone to attend a variety of events, learn about some amazing brands, and meet with many other bloggers, who share similar values of positivity, honesty, kindness, and empowerment. As a person who is rather introverted, staying this active is a real struggle at times. However I’ve also come to learn it can be incredibly rewarding as well! I promise, more on all of this in a near future post 🙂

Speaking of pushing comfort zones, I tend to characterize my style as more classic and modern-feminine, but I’d hardly call it trendy. However, my newfound outgoing spirit inspired me to try something a little more daring while still staying true to my normal aesthetic. Specific wardrobe pieces I’m addicted to include dresses and rompers, simply out of laziness (one outfit vs. coordinating tops and bottoms). And denim. Good denim at that. I usually prefer stiffer, more heavily textured pieces as that makes it easier to create structure for my rather boyish frame. That’s why, when I saw this Bardot denim dress, I fell instantly in love. The best part? This chic dress is on sale for less than $100!

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