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Beauty Roundup: Combination Skin Solutions

May 1, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Combination Skin Care Regimen - Featured

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” as if the gloomy weather until recently is some type of harbinger to spring blooms and endless sunshine. It’s a pretty idea. For me (or at least for my skin), it just spells disaster. The constantly fluctuating temperature throws my combination skin into a confused tailspin (80 degrees one day and 45 degrees the next, thank you global warming). And as much I don’t like to admit it, my complexion has been utter chaos, so much so that I’ve raided my entire beauty stash in desperate hopes of trying anything and everything to soothe the onset of all your basic skin ailments. Thankfully after three weeks of experimenting, I’ve found the magic formula. Continue Reading

Clinical Trials in the Beauty Industry: Why Onomie Does It Right

March 10, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Clinical Tests and Onomie - Cover Photo

As a blogger with a heavy focus on beauty, I encounter countless pitches from brands claiming clinical performance as proof of efficacy – “98% improvements!”, “100% approval by testers!” and similar claims often bombard us. But actually explaining the science of clinical trials is something brands often sweep under the rug, because to do so means exposing how much of these claims are merely pretty packaging. And so, it was incredibly refreshing to learn about Onomie Beauty– a brand that prides itself on transparency, education, and consumer feedback. And all that hard work definitely pays off.  Continue Reading

Beauty Round Up: Favorite Exfoliators

November 25, 2016

For all of my US readers and friends, I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying the long weekend with family and loved ones! In case you all need to take a break mid-Thanksgiving feast or need some shopping inspiration, here’s a beauty post just in time for the fall and winter seasons 🙂

This week, I’m rounding up all of my favorite exfoliators that truly deliver and sharing why each one has been a consistent winner in my book. As someone who suffers from combination skin, finding a good exfoliator is rather difficult. A product that won’t exacerbate dryness while effectively fighting acne and skin congestion is a godsend, if not a holy grail. Over time, I have tested countless masks that promise the same amazing results, yet time and time again, many fall short – except for these five amazing products.

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NYFW | Maybelline at NYFW SS17

September 23, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - Maybelline at NYFW SS17 - 1

This season, I had the pleasure of joining Maybelline at NYFW SS17 for backstage access and fashion week festivities, and if you’ve been following along my posts every day this week, you already know it was a truly amazing experience. What I loved about Maybelline’s approach was that with every look created, the emphasis was always on pure and weightless skin, my ultimate goal when it comes to skincare and beauty regimens. Further proof: gone are the days of heavy and dramatic makeup – every show I attended celebrated the beautiful skin, no-makeup effect (now all the rage in the beauty world), adding only subtle pops of color in the cheeks and lips. It was fascinating to see these artists work, their visions come to life, and get a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products Maybelline will be launching in the coming months.

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NYFW | Backstage with Maybelline at Naeem Khan Spring/ Summer 2017

September 22, 2016

On the morning of the second to last day of NYFW, I made my way to the Naeem Khan show to shoot backstage for Maybelline one last time this season. Perhaps it was because fashion week was drawing to an end or maybe it was just the eager anticipation of the exquisite show about to unfold, but the ambiance was so much livelier than other backstage areas I had experienced previously. All of the models were joking around, makeup artists made friendly conversation, and the entire area was abuzz with excitement. But in the midst of all of this, Maybelline makeup artist Gato was busy at work creating the perfect look to focus and center our attentions. This final look I’m sharing with you all is a timeless one, embodying an elegant, serene beauty, and certainly one of my favorites to date. Inspired by the 70’s but modernized for a light and neutral touch, this Maybelline look hit it out of the park yet again.

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NYFW | Backstage with Maybelline at Marissa Webb Spring/ Summer 2017

September 21, 2016

Marissa Webb is one of those designers that inspire instant edginess with class – the ideal brand for the it girl who can rock a pink pants-suit and strut like she owns the office. Maybelline makeup artist Gato translated this aesthetic perfectly by creating a glamorous yet easy enough look to apply everyday. By keeping skin luminous while playing up the eyes, he created a universally flattering look for women of all skin tones and ethnicities. Read on for all the details on how to recreate this feminine, cool girl look!

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NYFW | Backstage with Maybelline at Etienne Deroeux Spring 2017

September 20, 2016

Last Saturday, I made my way to the Standard Hotel’s chic High Line Room in the Meatpacking District for Eitenne Deroeux’s Spring Summer 2017 Presentation. An exception to the norm, this French designer is one that embraces the concept of athleisure, and his debut this NYFW was all about elevated atheltic and daywear. In line with the designer’s modern and clean vision, Maybelline’s makeup artist Carole Colombani created a fresh and nude look to draw attention to the clothes and ignite an uninhibited feeling of freedom and liberation. I always find that Carole has such a unique vision for the makeup looks she creates for each show or presentation, and she’s just genuinely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with backstage (it can get high-strung in that cramped space!). Most of all, this was not only the simplest, but also the most refreshing makeup look I saw at NYFW, a welcome change compared to the hectic makeup-laden scene at other backstage areas.

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