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Charm City Getaway | Baltimore Travel Guide

July 17, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Baltimore Travel Guide - Featured Image

It’s summer now, and that means people are jetting off to international destinations or other distant reaches that sound exotic or interesting. But why look so far, when there are so many gems just a train ride away?

Those of you who follow me on the blog and Instagram know that as much as Matt and I love to travel abroad, we love to explore local destinations as well. We’ve also been trying to live more in the moment, and when some extra time freed up in both our schedules, we decided to take an impromptu trip to none other than Charm City. Read on for all the details of my full Baltimore travel guide!
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Japan Photo Diary Part II: Hakone & Tokyo

April 15, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Japan Photo Diary Hakone Tokyo - Featured Image

If you caught last week’s post of my Japan Photo Diary Part I featuring our travels through Osaka and Kyoto, you might have seen how much we were able to see and do in just over a week- no easy feat given the freezing temperatures. Normally I would plan for the hubby and me to just power through a packed schedule, but I knew that might be risky given the cold weather (exhaustion would inevitably lead to a cold!). Knowing this, I planned a short getaway to Hakone, a town famous for their natural hot springs, to relax for a few days before our final leg in Tokyo.

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Japan Photo Diary Part I: Osaka & Kyoto

April 9, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - Japan Photo Diary Osaka and Kyoto - 1

I apologize for the delay in this post everyone! Poor health and a far-too-old laptop (I’m waiting to pull the trigger on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as soon as it debuts) make for an awful combination, but I’m so excited to share my Japan Photo Diary of Osaka and Kyoto with you all finally!

When the hubby and I began the new year, one of our resolutions was to travel more. In our past adventures, we explored the more traditional destinations such as Paris, Rome, and Santorini, but always within a comfortable distance as we both hate long flights. But this time, the allure of Japan beckoned us. 15 hour flights be darned, we decided to fly across the world and spend nearly three weeks in the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun. Starting from the western Kansai region, we began our journey in Osaka and traveled to Kyoto, two cities so geographically close yet all the more unique in their own cultural flair and character.

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The Heart of NYC’s Fashion Industry | The Garment District

February 16, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - The Garment District - Featured Image

I’ve long lived just a mere stone’s throw from one of the most understated yet vital parts of the NYC Fashion Industry: the Garment District. To many, it looks like just a stretch of claustrophobic Midtown buildings, dotted by dress shops and fabric stores. But little do people know, this is where fashion designs come to life. Before all of the glamour of NYFW and the dazzling array of outfits strutting down the runways, designers and garment makers give structure, texture, and color to those first sketches in the Garment District. But of course, there’s so much more than just fashion here as well – there is a burgeoning shopping scene, vibrant nightlife, and other hidden gems just begging to be Instagrammed. While the list goes on, these four places are among my favorite for a taste of what the Garment District has to offer. Read more after the jump!

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Love List | In-Flight Necessities

January 27, 2017
Brown Eyed Toast - In-Flight Essentials - 1

Greetings from Kyoto everyone! For those who follow on IG, you may already know we’re in Japan and currently on the second leg of our trip. It’s been incredibly hectic since we arrived, having to adjust quickly to jetlag and bearing the unexpected cold while sightseeing. Thankfully nothing makes me feel more at home and relaxed like having my favorite beauty products with me!

One of the things I hate most about traveling is having to endure the dry, airplane cabin air. It’s awful for the skin and hair, and unless you’re flying first class with your full makeup and beauty kit on board, it’s nearly impossible to look good after long flights. Thankfully, these in-flight necessities helped me stay comfortable and look great even after flying for 15 hours – now that’s saying something.

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Snowy Winter Wonderland | Utah Photo Diary

January 12, 2017
yed Toast - Winter Wonderland in Snowy Utah - 1

I’ve always considered myself a NYC girl at heart because A) I love the bright lights and the constant buzz of energy, and B) I never learned how to drive so I simply would not survive in the suburbs. When I started joining Matt and his family (and happy to call them my in-laws now!) in Utah for the holidays when we were but a wee couple, this city girl was completely thrown. Cows in a field just down the block? Mountains all around us? Three Walmarts within a 15 minute drive radius??

At first, I couldn’t make sense of it all – so this is life outside New York?? On previous visits, I would resign myself to house arrest (although  2 weeks spent eating, sleeping, and cuddling with dogs to your heart’s content isn’t really terrible at all) and foolishly thought there wasn’t much to do out there. But oh how I was mistaken. This winter, I set out to make the most of our time and discovered a completely new and beautiful side of Utah.

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Getaway to the Big Easy | New Orleans Travel Guide

August 17, 2016
Brown Eyed Toast - New Orleans Travel Guide - 16

These past two months have been such a whirlwind with many exciting new projects in the pipeline and my adorable sister-in-law staying with us for the past month. Add some major computer problems to that mix, hence the awful delay in my getting to this post. (Thinking about getting a desperately needed new computer, any recommendations? O.K. I digress, back to the post!) But my personality tends to err on the “glass half-full” outlook anyway, so here we are, my New Orleans Travel Guide is now finally up!

To provide some background, the hubby and I wanted to explore some new domestic destinations as we’ve had a string of wonderful getaways outside the country earlier this year. We’ve always loved the Southern charm of cities such as Charleston, SC and New Orleans, LA  so for our July 4th weekend getaway, we decided to visit the Big Easy and soak in a jazz-filled carefree weekend. Although the heat was unbearable (I am not one of those human beings that can handle the summer well), the Southern hospitality and beauty of this charming city more than made up for it.

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